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Our Story

The City Yellow Cab Company we know today, was formed from the merger of two cab companies in the the early 60s. Yellow Cab, which was formed in 1933, and GI Cab, which was formed after World War II in 1946.


  • City Yellow Cab initially provided transportation in 1933 by establishing cab stands. Cab stands were very much like a bus stop. Anyone could walk to the cab stand and cabs would be waiting or arrive shortly.     


  • During World War II the male taxicab drivers went to war.  The company maintained ridership with women drivers who kept the cabs in Akron on the streets.
  • First cab company in Ohio to use two way radios.
  • City of Akron approves addition of ten cabs for new company.
  • GI cab was formed by twelve (12) returning war veterans, in an attempt to help returning military men by providing employment and transportation opportunities.
  • Cab stands have phone boxes installed so passengers can call the office for a cab.


  • City Yellow Cab adds waiting time to meters.  Akron Beacon Journal runs cartoon about Taxicab waiting time.
  • City Yellow Cab pickets GI Cab Company for being a non-union company.


  • CYC suffers loss from flood in '64 which ruined a dozen cabs.
  • GI Cab buys City Yellow Cab.
  • Both companies merge into building at 650 Home Avenue.


  • Taxicab contract with union ends.
  • Drivers are hired as independent contractors.
  • Meter rates $0.65 when cab arrives, $.75 per mile, $0.20 per minute waiting time.


  • Other cab companies open in Akron area.
  • Other cab companies close in Akron area.
  • Meter rates $1.25 when cab arrives, $1.25 per mile, $0.30 per minute waiting time.


  • City Yellow Cab purchases first wheelchair buses.
  • City Yellow Cab and GI Cab are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act when requirements are established by legislation.
  • Drivers begin training in passenger assistance, sensitivity and awareness.
  • GI Cab is absorbed by City Yellow Cab and the two companies become one.
  • Drivers training manual is established.
  • Meter rates $2.00 when cab arrives, $1.75 per mile, $0.40 per minute waiting time.


  • Drivers become CPR/First Aid Certified.
  • Drivers participate in the DRIVE program, sponsored by the Ohio Area Agency on Aging.
  • City Yellow Cab provides scheduling services for cashless travel accounts allowing individuals who are qualified to use these services to do self-scheduling through the cab office.
  • Meter rates $2.75 when cab arrives, $2.25 per mile, $0.45 per minute waiting time.


  • Drivers are required to certify with National Safety Council Defensive Driving course.
  • Drivers are required to apply with the City of Akron for licensing.
  • All positions in dispatch and offices are computerized.
  • City Yellow Cab begins promotions to sell gift certificates, 10th Ride is on Us, 10% discount to students, veterans and older adults.
  • City Yellow Cab accepts credit cards in the taxicabs. 
  • Company institutes driver requirement for fifteen minute arrival time when given a trip address.
  • FCC mandates radio stations be moved to narrow band.  Digital base radio is installed.
  • New web site is designed.  Online scheduling is available.
  • Meter rates $3.75 when cab arrives, $2.25 per mile and $0.50 per minute waiting time.

The merger of GI Cab and City Yellow Cab added to the already large fleet of drivers,
making us the largest cab company in Summit County.

The principles and passion for taxicab transportation has been passed down from generation to
generation and continues to serve Akron, Ohio and Summit county with dedication and quality