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Our Facility

Our facility includes everything needed to run a self sustaining transportation company.

Dispatch Office

The City Yellow Cab in-house dispatch office operates around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year.  Seventeen (17) dispatchers are qualified to operate our base station two-way radio system (which is live in every vehicle). Our dispatch staff answers all incoming calls, provides on-demand and day-to-day scheduling, organizes cashless travel and maintains the efficiency daily operations. The dispatch staff has extensive personal knowledge of Akron, Ohio and Summit County.  Each work station in the dispatch office is equipped with a computer and the office uses Google Maps to establish pricing requests. 
Maintenance Garage

Our maintenance garage consists of four (4) expert mechanics who keep the wheels rolling on our vehicles.  Every new vehicle is inspected and prepared for road worthiness.  Our mechanics also maintain and install taximeters, top lights and decals. Our garage has three bays, each equipped with a vehicle lift. Our garage is equipped with in-stock parts, tires and fluids. Our mechanics ensure the safety of the vehicles by providing routine safety inspections. Fire extinguishers and safety equipment are inspected and maintained by our mechanics. 

Car Wash

Our full service automatic car wash promotes cleanliness for all vehicles inside and out.  Our drivers are required to wash each vehicle daily. Once a month each vehicle is inspected and detailed in our wash bay area.  Our maintenance assistant provides an interior and exterior scrub, which includes windows, doors, seats, dash board area, and floors.  This also ensures door moldings, window tracks and mirrors are properly installed and attached to each vehicle (This is necessary because our drivers never ride in the backseat). 

Operations Office

Our Operations Office is open Monday through Friday. This office establishes Cashless Travel Accounts, gift certificate transactions, billing services and documentation. Scheduling for advance group trips, wheelchair vans and large movements of people are also coordinated through our operations office. 

Training Room

Classroom training is provided on site, which utilizes the building and grounds to develop the skill needed to provide safe transportation.  Hands-on training and activities assist the drivers and dispatch staff to understand the needs of our customers who have visual, hearing, or mobility transportation needs.

Gas Station

Our in-house above ground fueling system is environmentally friendly and ensures vehicles are filled with quality fuel. We provide dependable services to our customers, so running out of gas while transporting passengers is not an option!