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Our Drivers

We have 80-100 taxicab drivers who are independently contracted through City Yellow Cab. However, the number fluctuates depending on the season. During the winter months, City Yellow Cab has approximately 100 independent contractors. 
Here at City Yellow Cab, we believe in providing safe transportation services to the public.  Our independent contractors participate in the T.I.L.T. program with Trained, Insured, Licensed, and Tested qualified drivers. Our drivers are trained in many aspects including driver and passenger safety. 

Licensing though the state of Ohio and the city of Akron are minimum qualifications for transportation companies serving Akron, Ohio.  However, City Yellow Cab raises the bar and requires an extensive training and evaluation process for all their drivers. Along with the basic licensing requirements, all drivers are finger printed and expected to pass a federal criminal background check. In addition, drivers must pass a Department of Motor Vehicle check, complete Drug and Alcohol testing, and complete a CPR and First Aid training program. Several driving courses are required including a defensive driving program through the National Safety Council, a program called DRIVE sponsored the Area Agency of Aging and A.D.A training in sensitivity, awareness and assistance. 

All of our drivers are required to re-certify in trainings bi-annually.  

Minimum Requirements for Transportation Companies
in the State of Ohio

  • Licensed with the state of Ohio
  • Licensed with the city of Akron
  • Insured

City Yellow Cab Requirements

  • Licensed with the state of Ohio
  • Licensed with the city of Akron  
  • Insured  
  • Finger printed criminal background check  
  • Department of Motor Vehicle check  
  • Drug and alcohol testing  
  • C.P.R and First Aide training  
  • National Safety Council Defensive driving course  
  • American's Disability Act sensitivity, awareness and assistance training  
  • Passenger and wheelchair passenger assistance training.  
  • Driver and passenger safety  
  • On the road driver training  
  • HIPPA confidentiality training  
  • DRIVE program through the Ohio Area on Aging 
  • Wheelchair bus and lift operation training